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1) Author's License Agreement Form: [download].

2) Copyright Transfer Agreement: [download].


A set of documents submitted to publication includes the following materials:
  • – text of article (with the mandatory page numbering); tables and figures (drawings and photos) (inside the text at appropriate locations). Tables and other illustrations should be doubled in separate file each. If the whole material is equal or superior to 7.5 Mb, it should be archived in the *.zip or *.rar format. The format of the whole material should be compatible with Microsoft Office Word 2003 and have the .doc extension. The file names should contain no more than 50 symbols among which there should not be Russian letters and the following symbols: ' " < > ';
  • – page Information About Authors should contain authors’full names (with ORCID, if any); places of work and positions; cell phone number and e-mail address of the author(s) for correspondence; mailing address to send a journal copy with the published article;
  • – English page including article title, authors’ transliterated full names, abstract, key words and acknowledgements;
  • – scan of expert opinion or directing letter that certify the patent purity of material;
  • – references on separate page(s);
  • – names and contacts of four experts in the appropriate field who can review the article and names of those whose participation in peer-reviewing of the article is undesirable (on separate page(s)).

  • Preparation of manuscript [download].

    Preparation of references [download].

    Order of work with manuscripts [download].